Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wedding Vows

Wedding vows

We need not have another ceremony or any ceremony to look at the vows that we have made when asking to be together for the rest of our lives.
A standard vow goes something like this:
To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.

Are we keeping your vows? How often do we cherish each other? How often do we hold each other? Implied within the word hold is support.

What does a woman need, a man need? Each person has their own specific needs that they can share with their partner. For a relationship that grows year after year both partners will be responding to their partner’s needs. Both contributing to the bank account of  LOVE.

What do you contribute to the bank account of  Love in your relationship? Is this what your partner needs? Have you asked what they would like to top up the account? Have you asked for what would top up your account?

Generalizations might be:
For Men
Sexual Fulfillment
Companionship (activities together, esp recreational)
Attraction to Spouse
Domestic Support

For Women
Honesty and Openness
Financial Security
Family Commitment

Ask your partner what is important to them and how that can be fulfilled.


Monday, 6 February 2017

Incentive or Punishment

Do you struggle to get things done? Try this – rather than rewarding yourself when you achieve something, commit to doing something that makes your toes curl if you don’t do it. For example, you could commit to donating to a political party you don’t like, if you don’t do what you set out to do.  
I prefer the reward system! A few weeks ago I picked up a booked called Seed of Control Generations to Execute by Lawrence Verigin. Seed of Control is the sequel to Dark Seed, which I thoroughly enjoyed last year. I was even more thrilled (it is a thriller) with the new book. I used the incentive of reading a chapter for each chore I completed around the house. Those little things that nag at me, little unfinished projects and things that only take a bit of time but keep getting put off all got done and most importantly I enjoyed having the pleasure of reading the book.
Even though the book deals with a serious topic we all would do well to consider, the plot and intrigue make it unique. Seed of Control has woven genetically modified seeds and how we are all being affected by them with well-built characters intent on keeping us all safer. We find out that even those of us who choose not to eat GMO food are affected. It takes time to source, shop and grow food that allows our bodies to feel good. In my life it is well worth the effort. If ever there was a time to eat more organic or home grown this might be that time.
One of the aspects of both books is the locale –parts take place right here in BC. If you have been to these places you will recognize them as Lawrence’s descriptions put you right on site. He speaks to my imagination. All the while Lawrence is feeding us information about GMO and seed control that most of us have not ever considered. Lawrence promises the sequel, I am excited to see what happens next and where they all go.
Dark Seed and Seed of Control are both available at Chapters and on Kindle. I highly recommend reading them in order beginning with Dark Seed. 

I have also watched a movie and done all kinds of tasks during the commercials like mending, emailing, writing my grocery list, reading articles and work related books, scribbling notes to write an article, hanging a picture, folding laundry and ironing. I feel better when my home is clean, tidy and I am caught up. It is amazing what can be achieved in several 3 minute sessions!


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Joyful Heart

A Joyful Heart
February is heart month. Hopefully you already know that your heart is more than a vital pump that circulates oxygenated blood through your body. Your heart emits a larger electromagnetic field than your brain. The heart’s electromagnetic field contains information that is spread throughout the physical body as well as around the body. Heart Math Institute studies show this electromagnetic field can be measured several feet away from a person’s body. Healing practices such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Chi Gong etc. are based on the idea that an exchange of energy occurs to facilitate healing. Interestingly, your hands have minor heart chakras in the palms. Most of the therapies mentioned use gentle touch or slightly off body hand positions to open and balance energies as part of their techniques. No wonder it feels so good to hold hands with someone you care for, you’re literally heart to heart!
“The Heart Math Institute’s research has discovered that intentionally generated positive emotion” can change the information contained in your electromagnetic field. Thinking positively isn’t just a way to break negative thought patterns, it can change your entire body’s vibration. The higher the body’s vibration the less likely you are to get sick or create dis-ease in your body. Love is thought to have the highest vibration. Ever notice how a person in love seems to radiate joy and everything seems so easy for them? It’s the Law of Attraction. You will attract more of what you are putting out there. Consciously switch your thought and actions to the higher vibration of kindness, gratitude and compassion. Start with yourself! Be kind to yourself. Show some compassion for yourself.
“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha
We often put ourselves last because we have things to do, other people to take care of first, our pets, our yards, our deadlines. What happens when you collapse from exhaustion or end up in bed for a week ill because you didn’t take 10 minutes, a half hour, or an hour for yourself?
Don’t forget that energy exchange. If you can raise your vibration everyone that comes into contact with you will also feel the benefits. Find out what you need to feel centered. Show some self-respect and take the time you need to nurture yourself. Show some self-awareness and do what brings you joy and peace. Show some self-love by realizing that you should be the first thing on your to-do list, that you deserve to be a priority.
-Take a walk in the park and connect with nature, release your worries to the water or wind
-Take a bubble bath with soft light and music
-Take 10 minutes to dance to your favorite music
-Take a couple of hours to go to your favorite fishing hole
It only takes a quick thought about the first time you fell in love to raise your vibration. Or thoughts about that last wonderful vacation you went on. The next time your kids are being demanding and unmanageable remember how you felt the fist time you held them in your arms. Changing your vibration will shift those around you. If your grounded and centered the people around you will feel that and be affected by it as well. If you’re happy, you will bring joy into other people’s lives as well. You will give them permission to find their joy, their light, their happy. Whatever it is, find it. Do it.


Monday, 16 January 2017

A Clients Perspective: Angel Healing

There had been some items that day that needed my attention before I was able to head into the room to start my session. My concern was that I may not be able to fully be present in the appointment. I was very impressed with Nicole's ability to bring about a thoughtless calm in me. The rushing of the day was immediately replaced with a feeling of curiosity. I had not experienced an Angel Healing session before and didn't have anyone with a first hand account of what it might be like. Knowing that the day and its stresses were left at the door was very reassuring, I was eager to start the card reading.

Nicole has a bouquet of beautiful angel card decks. It felt as though each one would bring its own gifts to her session. She chose from them a couple that she thought would work best for me. During this time, she asked that I state something that has been bothering me or something I needed help deciding on. The cards that were drawn for me were beautifully matched to my concern and perfectly insightful. Just having that bit of reassurance helped to sooth the turmoil of a looming decision. I really enjoyed the card reading, it had a feeling of excitement attached to it. Nicole's deliverance of the reading was very professional. I instantly noticed her confidence. Its something she exudes in the most appropriate way. The kind of confidence that only someone with passion and purpose has. Though its true that the stress of the day didn't enter with me into the session, the outcome of the card reading provoked different thoughts. The fact that it was so relevant was a little exciting, and even though I knew what decision to make somewhere inside me, the cards were able to lay it out in such a way that I felt almost certain of their validity. And, therefore certain in my decision. Nicole prompted me to lay on the massage table for a Reiki session to accompany what I had just learned from card reading.

While on the table I was able to drop into a complete state of calm almost instantly. This was odd since there was a lot running through my mind when we completed the card reading. The treatment began feeling very warm, soothing and supportive. I soon felt I was drifting very far away, as though I was able to take a step back and exist in complete peace. In fact, during the Reiki treatment where she called upon different angels to assist in bringing about healing and guidance, she all but became invisible to me. I don't mean invisible to my eyes since they were closed. But I felt as though she wasn't there, like I was the only person in the room. My conscious mind heard her voice and felt her hands conducting the treatment, but she was so mentally quiet while she worked that my mind in that state of peace wasn't able to pick up on her presence. What a soothing experience.

When the session had come to an end, I felt it had lasted for an eternity spherically but, linearly it was one hour. I was left feeling convinced of my next step and very relaxed. I know people often say that you should always do things to take care of yourself and this is absolutely something that will be on my list for regular personal care.  

~ Sonia

Starting diet changes as a family, tips and tricks.

When you go to the pantry and the healthy items are there it will enable you to create a healthy meal. Otherwise it might be easy to revert to old habits.
Sometimes if you have younger children who have not had whole grain foods doing ½ and ½ works well to introduce new textures and flavours. Put ½ whole grain and ½ white pasta into a container and mix it up. When you pour it into the pot of hot water it will be a great blend.  Brown rice and white rice don’t cook for the same length of time but you might do a pot of each, blend them and freeze the second half for a next meal.  The “left over’ rice is easy to add to a quick stir fry. Brown basmati rice has a more familiar texture to white rice than to the chewiness of brown so it is an excellent transition food.
Whole grain crackers, whole wheat pitas, oatmeal and whole grain breakfast cereals are excellent places to start. If your family has not had oatmeal before add cinnamon and sliced apples or a bit of maple syrup . Cinnamon naturally raises the sweetness and reduces the need for sugar.
When children are ready for dinner but dinner is not cooked yet – offer vegetables. Raw or cooked or offer the salad to start. 
A bowl of fruit sitting on the counter is a healthy start. Even if people don’t make the choice they have a visual of what is healthy and know that it is available. Start with a quantity that stays fresh and ask the family for suggestions. Get fruits that are going to be eaten. Maybe two or three of each to start – bananas, apples, oranges, pears and  grapefruit are some suggestions to start with. Once the fruit is being eaten add a new fruit each week. Vary it with the seasons.
A well-stocked pantry likely has olive oil for salads and grape seed oil for cooking. Other oils give taste variety – nut oils like walnut or avocado and of course coconut oil too. Apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar will give lots of variety when making salad dressings. Make enough dressing for two or three meals and refrigerate the extra. Involving children in making the dressings encourages eating the salads!
Frozen fish or seafood makes excellent quick meals. Canned salmon or water packed tuna make great lunches. Poach eggs, drain and put in cold water to cool, they can be used to make a salad with or without bread.
An air popper is great to make popcorn. Be aware that corn can be GMO, make good choices.

~ Diane

Monday, 2 January 2017

Whole-Self Health

Whole-self Health

Our bodies are some of the most intriguing and multifaceted creations in our existence. Over time trauma and years of life experience make it easy to disassociate from our bodies. We tend to ignore the messages it has for us, and pay little attention to it at all, until it is sick.

We've all heard about the importance of nutrition, few of us have made it part of our lives. Even less of us truly understand what healthy eating is. I have learned that small, consistent baby steps in the right direction can be much more effective than making huge shifts and adopting an "all or nothing" attitude. Be gentle with yourself if you make mistakes and shower yourself in love for desiring to make a change in the first place. Some small healthy steps in the right direction could include: Reducing your gluten intake; drink more water; replace processed sugars with honey or maple syrup and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. 

We all know that exercise is important too. Moving your body is so healthy not only for your physical being but, also for your mind and spirit. A common fallacy is that exercise has to take a lot of time and money for gym memberships. In fact, it has been proven again that small steps in the right direction seem to create the best results. Walk or bike to to work instead of driving; go on a hike with a friend; try a 12 minute surge training workout in your living room or take up a physical hobby such as golf or bird watching. 

Moving into my passion and specialty - healing and energy work. Fortunately the world is becoming increasingly familiar with taking care of the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This can mean so many different things to different people. Everything from seeing a counselor to writing and expressing ones self creatively can be incredibly therapeutic. I recommend meditation. If its your first time or your first time back to it, you just need to start somewhere. There are also many practitioners that can be of huge benefit to your energetic bodies. I personally practice massage, reiki, access bars and angel healing. I use these skills to assist people on their journeys. Give different treatments and methods a try and see what works best for you. 

Health is a journey, not a destination and there is no limit to how good you can feel.

~ Nicole

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


"Beauty is a good letter of introduction."

I once heard this quote and it really intrigued me. How can an introduction be beautiful? It can be well written; it can be informative; it can be respectful, and even amusing. I suppose, when each of these aspects are touched on, it creates a wonderful enticing read. And when something provokes thought and compels the reader to "wonder" that right there is a beautiful thing.

If an introduction can create beauty, what else in our everyday life also contains beauty? Everything from the simple acts of life to grand decisions. Beauty, if you think about it, can be anything and everything.
I see beauty in my everyday work.
When a person rounds a corner in their lives, opening up new possibilities, that is beauty.
When herbs that are grown in love create healing in a person, that is beauty.
When the entire self is supported, physical, mental, spiritual, that is beauty.
When a person realizes their worth and seeks to put themselves first, that is beauty.
When the everyday life gets to be too much and rest and relaxation lifts some of the weight, that is beauty. 

Beauty is what we do here. How can it not be? The people that bring their talents and gifts to share our community are beautiful and whats more, they are passionate. Passionate about providing beautifully matched services for each individual and creating a space where healing can take place.

Okanagan Natural Care Centre.